The Ultimate Moving Checklist And To-DO

Organizing your move is essential to an easier move. We created this Moving List to help you get a head start on this journey!

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Your Ultimate Guide to a Seamless Move with Nonstop Moving

2 Months Out

  • Declutter and Decide
    • Tour each room and determine what stays and what goes. Consider if certain items need special packing or added insurance.
  • Research Moving Services
    • Dive deep into your moving options. Avoid phone-only quotes; insist on an in-person assessment. Ensure the estimate is in writing and includes a USDOT number, signifying adherence to safety standards.
  • Prepare a Moving Journal
    • Use this journal to compile everything—quotes, receipts, and a list of items you’re relocating.
  • Transfer School Documents
    • If you have kids, visit their school to facilitate the transfer of their records to the new institution.

1.5 Months Out

  • Buy Moving Supplies
    • Get moving boxes, tapes, Bubble Wrap, markers, and any specialized containers like dish packs or wardrobe cartons.
  • Consume or Dispose
    • Begin using perishables and cleaning agents that you’d rather not transport.
  • Measure Up
    • If feasible, check the dimensions of rooms in your new place. Ensure your bulky furniture can pass through entrances.

1 Month Out

  • Finalize Your Moving Service
    • Choose a mover and secure a written confirmation detailing the moving date, expenses, and other specifics.
  • Start Packing
    • Begin with rarely used items. While at it, list high-value items that might need extra insurance. Declare any item valued over $100 per pound in writing.
  • Tag and Number
    • Clearly mark each box with its contents and destination room. This aids in inventory management. Also, pack a box of essentials you’ll need immediately.
  • Secure Valuables
    • Place jewelry, crucial documents, and the mover’s estimate in a safe box that you’ll personally handle during the move.
  • Update Address
    • Visit your local post office for a change-of-address or do it online. Also, request a neighbor to keep an eye on mails post-move.
  • Inform Key Contacts
    • Notify banks, employers, subscription services, and utility providers about your move.
  • Transfer Medical Documents
    • Send your medical records to your new healthcare providers or get copies for yourself.

14 Days Out

  • Request Moving Day Off
    • Inform your workplace that you’ll oversee the move and need the day off.
  • Vehicle Maintenance
    • If relocating to a different climate, get your vehicle checked for necessary adjustments.
  • Access Safe-Deposit Box
    • If switching banks, retrieve your safe-deposit box contents.
  • Touch Base with Movers
    • Reconfirm your moving details.

7 Days Out

  • Renew Prescriptions
    • Ensure you have enough medications for the upcoming weeks.
  • Pack Personal Bags
    • Conclude general packing a few days prior to moving. Then, prepare personal bags with a few days’ worth of clothing.

A Couple Days Prior

  • Refrigerator Care
    • If you’re taking your refrigerator, empty, clean, and defrost it 24 hours before the move.
  • Recheck Details
    • Confirm the mover’s arrival time and other specifics. Provide them with clear directions and contact details.
  • Payment Preparations
    • If not paying via card, arrange for a money order, cashier’s check, or cash. For commendable service, a tip of 10-15% is standard. Refreshments for the crew are a kind gesture.

On Moving Day

  • Authenticate
    • Ensure the arriving moving truck belongs to the company you hired by matching the USDOT number.
  • Document Everything
    • Before the movers depart, sign the bill of lading/inventory and retain a copy.
  • Keep your moving company contact in hand and always stay vigilant of your phone where they can reach you in case any problems or questions arise. 

You Can Download Our Checklist As Well!