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Jose Villanueva
Jose Villanueva
May 22, 2024
Nonstop Movers are the best in the city! Please hire if you want great service!
Sierra Hays
Sierra Hays
May 12, 2024
We hired Nonstop moving for our move from a storage unit to our new home and they did a fantastic job. Jerry was communicative and the 4 man crew he sent were polite and efficient. It took them less time than originally quoted. If you’re needing a local move I highly recommend nonstop moving!
Destinee Spencer
Destinee Spencer
May 5, 2024
Great service! Highly recommend if you are looking for movers! 😃
Todd Hume
Todd Hume
May 4, 2024
Jerry was very professional and responsive from beginning to end. The crew was efficient, polite and helpful. Good experience.
Paulina Lopez
Paulina Lopez
April 28, 2024
Movers were very friendly and efficient!
Josh Abromovitz
Josh Abromovitz
April 27, 2024
Great company and did a great job! Thorough and efficient!
wes tinkel
wes tinkel
April 4, 2024
This company and crew did absolutely amazing at moving our stuff into our townhome and were so efficient. They were super careful going up and down the stairs, ensuring they did not bump walls and treated our belonging as if they were their own. Everyone was professional and friendly; highly recommend!
Jenny Pulliam
Jenny Pulliam
April 3, 2024
Nonstop Moving is awesome! The business I work for used this company twice in the last month. I worked with Jerry to set up our second job. He was quick to return my call and very professional. The moving crew we used for our most recent job were Rajan, Josue, & Yuri. They were super professional and communicated with me every step of the way. I knew exactly when they would be arriving as I received a text message and a phone call. Everything was quick with no problems. I don't have the names of the crew for our first move, but they were wonderful too - everything was timely and smooth. Highly recommend!
Susan Fell
Susan Fell
March 22, 2024
Fast, professional, And handled items carefully.
Dennis Vitkun
Dennis Vitkun
March 12, 2024
Came in with a truckload and Non Stop Movers were great. First, they were personable! Came on short notice, and got everything moved in, cleaned up trash, and help put away moving blankets. Thank YOU for your help!

All About Phoenix in 2023 And Why People Love To Move In

The sunny capital of the state of Arizona, Phoenix bridges the gap between California and New Mexico. Earning the title of the 5th largest city in the United States as of 2017, the city of Phoenix is a vibrant, ever-growing city and a great place for work and recreational activities alike. Ranking 1st in entrepreneurial activity along with a corporate income tax of 4.9% one of the lower numbers in the United States, rest assured you will be able to pursue any career path here including industries such as aerospace, defense, tech, bioscience, media, and more. (numbers by: azcommerce.com) Phoenix is also home to many recreational places and events. With its Musical Instrument Museum, botanical gardens and beautiful mountains, and many more activities in the city you can rest assured there will always be something to keep you entertained. Phoenix will also host Super Bowl LVII in the year 2023.

Where is Phoenix?

Phoenix is located at the heart of the state of Arizona, some of its neighboring states are California, Nevada, Utah, and Mexico’s state of Sonora. Phoenix is also central to some of the popular cities in the United States. With a 6-7 hours ride, you can find yourself in Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas NV, and Albuquerque NM.

Phoenix Population & Demographics

Phoenix has an estimated population of 1,624,569 with 1% growth per year on average, earning 5th  place among the most populated cities in the United States. 

According to US Census, Phoenix AZ has a median household income of $ 60,914 between the years 2016-2020.

Phoenix Demographics

  • Phoenix has an almost equal split between men (49.8%) and women (50.2%).
  • People of Phoenix have a median age of 33.9
  • Race and ethnicity: 42.2% White alone, 7.1% Black/African American, 2% American Indian and Alaska Native, 3.9% Asian, 0.2% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, mixed races (two or more) 8.3%, 42.6% Hispanic or Latino.

Costs of Living in Phoenix

Typical Phoenix Living Expenses

According to Numbeo, a single person can live on $ 800 excluding rent in Phoenix. Although it varies by area, you can expect to pay $1,000 for a two-bedroom apartment and house prices average around $300K.

According to US Census, Phoenix offers a median income of $ 60,914 and living costs 5% lower than the national average. With Phoenix only losing speed in its population growth during regressions, only to pick up again to have one of the fastest growth percentages in the USA, it’s easy to see why people move here. You can find work of any description in Phoenix and despite its vast population, the living cost is low.

Phoenix Neighborhoods – Where to Live in Phoenix?

Ahwatukee Foothills

It’s an urban village in Phoenix. It is home to numerous shopping malls, events, restaurants, ranches, and golf courses. In 2022, Niche rated Ahwatukee #1 in the best neighborhoods to live in Phoenix.

Eastlake Park

It’s a culturally rich neighborhood that boasts the oldest park in the city of Phoenix and one of the best Mexican restaurants in the area.


Arcadia is a historically rich neighborhood, 15 minutes ride away from the airport, and known for its well-irrigated mature landscaping thanks to the farmers of the past using this area for growing orange, lemon, and grapefruit. Although it hosts some of the more expensive properties in the city, it remains popular among hikers, cyclists, and the like.

Downtown Core

An attraction to professionals due to the convenience of living downtown. This neighborhood boasts many retail and dining options for you to pick from. If you want to be in the center of it, this is the place for you.


Featuring ranch-style homes, Coronado Similar to Downtown Core boasts easily accessible retail, restaurants, parks, and more.

Nonstop Moving relocates customers across all these cities and more. Whether you are moving from your home locally or moving your business to a different town, we got a solution for any moving need. 

Mesa Movers

Phoenix Weather & Climate

Phoenix has a hot desert climate with 3,872 hours of bright sunshine annually. It receives the most sun of any major city on Earth. Average high temperatures in summer can reach 110 °F. Although this can be unreasonably hot for many, you can expect to cut down on heating costs throughout the year thanks to its warm climate.

Residents of Phoenix will want to ensure their air conditioning is functional and wear sunscreen throughout summer as recorded temperatures between1991-2020 indicate record-high temperatures of 120 °F and above in June and July. 

Finally, it’s rare to see snow in Phoenix. You can expect it to melt immediately even if it snows, as mean minimums in winter are above freezing and long sunshine periods.

Things to Do in Phoenix

There’s always something to do in Phoenix for everyone. You can have a lively nightlife away from the sun’s scorching heat, or embrace it and go out hiking, maybe take part in art events? It’s all up to you to pick from countless choices!

Super Bow LVII In State Farm Stadium

Coming to Phoenix in 2023, whether you’re interested in sports or not, it is not every day your city hosts such a significant event. Take your friends and family (and pets, thanks AZ) for yet another match that will go down in history!


We’ve been hunter-gatherers for most of human history before settling down and becoming couch potatoes and tired of sitting at the office, at home, at a cafe, or in your car? You get the point. Walk on the earth the way it was intended, on your two feet, blood and adrenaline pumping, slowly making your way through as you get the feel-good chemicals. And take a look at this scenery. Isn’t it about time you enjoyed yourself and the nature around you?

Musical Instrument Museum

For all your music needs. This Museum hosts a wide variety of instruments from commonly used instruments to niche ones including the ones used in medieval times and by natives. They also make events and exhibitions for you to enjoy, overall a great place to be if you’d like to meet like-minded people who enjoy music as much as you do.


Home to Many Festivals & Art Events Like in the paragraph above (music exhibition), Phoenix has a great number of festivals and events throughout the year, you’ll likely find an event or festival that interests you no matter if it’s a niche activity, Phoenix has them all.


Home to Many Festivals & Art Events Like in the paragraph above (music exhibition), Phoenix has a great number of festivals and events throughout the year, you’ll likely find an event or festival that interests you no matter if it’s a niche activity, Phoenix has them all.

Phoenix Restaurants

Postino Central features great food and Ambience, ranked 3rd on Tripadvisor.

Pomo Pizzeria Phoenix is an Italian Pizzeria that also makes vegetarian-friendly food.

Rusconi’s American Kitchen features gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly options. Ranked #1 in trip advisor, welcoming staff is a big factor along with its tasty food.

Schools in Phoenix

Phoenix has 33 school districts that provide public education with over 215 elementary schools, 31 high schools, and more. For post-secondary education, you can find Arizona State University, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Northern Arizona University, Maricopa County Community College District which includes ten community colleges, and more. The short of it is like it is with everything else in Phoenix. You can expect your only problem to be the significant number of options available. Phoenix is well-equipped for any career path and education you may desire.

Phoenix Statistics & Information

County: Maricopa

  • Area: 519.28 square miles
  • Zip Codes: 85001-85099
  • Area Codes: East: 480, Central: 602, West: 623
  • Elevation: 1,086 feet
  • Time zone: UTC-07:00 (no DST)
  • Major Airport: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • Secondary Airports: Deer Valley Airport, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Phoenix AZ

Pros & Cons of Living in Phoenix


Endless possibilities: Whether in your career, lifestyle, hobbies, recreational activities or daily routine, Phoenix allows you to do just about anything with yourself. So much so that your only limitation will be decision paralysis from having too many great options! Low costs of living: Despite being the 5th largest city in the United States, Phoenix is cheaper than many categorized as such. You don’t need to stress yourself financially to settle in Phoenix and it shows by the 1% population growth every year. Great outdoors & friendly community: If you’ve seen any deserts in American film, it was most likely recorded in Arizona. With its natural rock formations carved by the soft touch of the wind over many centuries, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, its hills, and many national parks will always give you something breathtaking to look at. And with many people moving to Arizona, people always look to become part of communities or create their own just like you. Moreover, roughly 40% of relocators are in it to retire here. If it’s good enough for retirees, it’s just as good for anyone.


Weather: Although many businesses prefer warmer places like Arizona, it can get dangerously hot. If you plan to live in Arizona, make sure always to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated. Dust storms and wildlife: If you live anywhere in Arizona you’re likely to witness a dust storm firsthand. They might die out by the time they reach Phoenix, but you’ll still feel the after-effects and likely have to clean more often than usual. The warm weather causes some spiders, scorpions, and snakes to thrive, so if you fear those, you might want to keep a professional’s number close.

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